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What You Need to Know About Bird Baths

A bird bath is a basin of water that serves as a puddle or pond for birds to bathe and cool off. It is usually used as a garden ornament, outdoor sculpture, or small reflecting pool to attract birds to a garden. It provides a source of water for birds throughout the year, and it is especially useful to birds during summer. A bird bath can attract many different kinds of birds, including robins, bluebirds, warblers, catbirds, and thrushes.

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The most common type of bird bath is the pedestal bird bath, which is a pedestal or column with a basin of water on top. Other forms of bird bath include the hanging bird bath, which is a basin that hangs from trees or eaves, and the boulder bird bath, which is carved into a boulder or rock. To ensure that the bird bath is safe for birds to use, the basin has to be shallow and gradually deepening. Ideally, the water should be two-inch deep in the center. Also, the basin has to be high enough, so that the birds will not be within reach of predators such as cats and dogs.
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Birds have no preference for aesthetics. As such, an elaborately decorated bird bath may not attract more birds than a simple clay saucer. A simple bird bath can be easily constructed, and it can take as little as a few minutes to build. One easy-to-make bird bath is the log bird bath. Get a piece of log that is about three to four feet long and set it upright in the garden. Then, carve the top of the log with a chisel to form a shallow dish-like area, and fill the area with about two inches of water. It is also possible to use flower pots to make a bird bath. Just stack one flower pot on top of another, and place a clay saucer on top.

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A well-located bird bath will attract more birds. The bird bath should be installed in an open area where birds can get a good view of approaching predators. There should be tall shrubs or trees close to the bird bath, so that the birds can access and depart from the bath safely. It is also a good idea to have a birdfeeder near the bird bath, because it will help attract more birds.

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It is important to clean the bird bath regularly, because a dirty bird bath may be detrimental to the health of birds. Excrement and fungi can contaminate the water in the bird bath, and birds can fall ill after they drink and bathe in the water. Make sure that the water in the bath is always fresh. Also, moss can accumulate in bird baths, and they can cause birds to lose their footing. It is necessary to scrub the moss out occasionally.

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