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Tub and Shower Mats

The utilitarian purposes of shower mats, tub mats and bath mats are all pretty self-evident. However, there is a style component to these safety devices as well. Aside from their ability to dry your feet after a shower and prevent slipping accidents, shower mats can add that little detail of glitz and glamour to your bathroom that makes it stand out and give the room a dignified look. All you have to do is select the right design to match the decor theme in your bathroom. Luckily, Bedbathstore.com has such a wide variety of different shower mats, you're sure to find one that fits your needs and preferences.

Ideally, shower mats should be composed of suction material. This category of materials works to prevent a slipping accident that is always a hazard next to the shower because of water and soap spills. Suction tub mats or bath bats stick to the floor of the tub to prevent slips that are even more of a hazard on the floor of the bathtub. High-quality shower and tub mats can often be difficult to find. Many shower and tub mats that aren't built properly are composed of unreliable suction materials which don't stick securely to the floor of the tub. Defective mats tend to allow water to build underneath and cause them to float out of place. If you're facing this common problem due to a defective mat, Bedbathstore.com is the best place to look for high-quality, non-slip bath mats which feature suction backing to secure the mat in place.

If your shower mat is not securely in place then it fails at its purpose to prevent accidental falls. To truly protect yourself from these dangerous accidents, the only solution is a suction shower mat. There is a variety of different types of suction shower mats that are available right here at Bedbathstore.com. Some of the most popular mats include the cotton bath mats, pebbles bathtub mats and bubble bathroom shower mats.

Cotton bath mats are the most common forms of high-quality shower mats. These shower mats are flat, thin and durable, which makes them ideal for ultimate protection from slips in the bathroom. The cotton shower mats are made of durable material that doesn't damage easily and dries significantly fast. These features make cotton mats a cost-effective and safer choice for bathroom use. Cotton mats are used outside of the bathtub and prevent water from being dripped onto the floor after you exit the shower.

Pebbles bathtub mats are thin, flat and solid plastic mats that are made for use inside the tub. The bottom of the mats are embedded with suction cups which provide non-skip security and can be cut for a customized fit around the bathtub drain. Bedbathstore.com carries pebbles mats which are available in both clear and green colors, so you can choose what fits best for your bathroom decor.

The bubble bathroom shower mats are composed of 100% vinyl and come with a comfortable, non-skid surface. Bubble bathroom shower mats are much better in comparison to standard rubber mats because they tend to maintain a secure fit and are easier to clean and maintain because they are machine washable. These shower mats are ideal for bathroom safety use because they are an anti-bacterial agent, which is especially notable since showers can often be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. At Bedbathstore.com, you can find bubble bathroom shower mats available in white, clear and green, so you can choose which mat fits best with the overall design of your bathroom.

Purchasing shower mats online is a convenient option because you are guaranteed a quality product without having to waste time in your busy life shopping around. At Bedbathstore.com, you'll discover a wide range of shower mats available in several different high-quality brands such as Better Bath, Venturi, Slip-X and Interdesign. Bedbathstore.com has over 40 years of industry knowledge and is known for its high-quality bath mats. To discover some of these high-quality bath mats and other Bedbathstore.com products, visit www.bedbathstore.com.

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