A Jewelry Box For Every Need

Jewelry boxes are available in a multitude of styles that will suit just about anyone. When selecting a jewelry box, it is important to consider your own particular needs and style. There are several common types available that will protect your jewelry and look good doing so.

Her First Jewelry Box

Most girls fondly remember their first jewelry box, even if it ended up being less of a place to store jewelry than a place to hide other treasures. The music it played and the little ballerina that spun in front of the mirror bring back wonderful memories for many women, and they want to pass that on to their daughters.

Jewelry Boxes: A Versatile Gift

Jewelry boxes are among the most versatile gifts imaginable. They work for any occasion and for any recipient, regardless of age or gender. A well-made jewelry box will last a lifetime; itís a substantial gift that will be appreciated for years to come. Need help coming up with ideas for gift-giving? Here are a few hints:

Dorm Storage Ideas

Space in a typical college dorm room is scarce: The rooms are small and you usually have to share your space with another person. Regardless of how much real estate you have available, you will most likely have more stuff than you have room to store it. Clutter is not conducive to studying and can interfere with your school work. Getting creative about storage can take you a long way.

Small Space Storage Magic

Whether you live in a studio apartment or small house, storage can be a challenge. Knocking down walls to make new closets may not be possible, but there are things you can do to maximize the space you have. Here are some suggestions for creating more storage in the same amount of space.

Underbed Storage Options

If you choose to use the space underneath your bed to increase your storage space, you have a few options. Which to choose will depend on your specific needs.

Home Organization Tool Kit

The basis of any organizing scheme is having a designated place for everything to go. Everyoneís system is different, but here are a few ideas to get you thinking in the right direction. Consider it an organizational tool kit.

Home Office Essentials

When youíre setting up a home office, there are a few essential items that will help you stay organized and be more productive.

Customizing Your Bathroom

Different bathrooms require different things. What works in a master bathroom may not be suitable for a kidís bathroom, for example. A family bathroom will have another set of requirements all together. How a room will be used in reality is an important consideration when redecorating or remodeling.

Making Peace with Your Small Space

If you live in a small space, you know that it presents a unique set of challenges. Thriving in this atmosphere means making smart decisions about furnishings, learning to keep clutter at bay, and tapping into your creativity. Here are some ideas for getting the most out of your small space:

Six Things to Do with Old Magazines

Donít just throw out your old magazines; they may have some life in them yet. Here are six things you can do with your magazines after youíre done with them.

Tips for Organizing Your Dresser

Go look in your dresser drawers. Chances are itís not pretty, and you probably canít figure out how it got that way. Itís a common problem, but there are things you can do to get organized and stay that way.

Time-Saving Ideas

Job, family, kidsóyou could easily be busy 24/7. Anything that saves a little time here and there is welcome. Here are a few tricks and ideas for saving snippets of time that, over the course of the day, can really add up.

Putting Together Your Own Closet Organizing System

Getting your closet into shape requires having somewhere to put all the items you intend to store. You can go out and spend thousands on a pre-made closet system, you can spend even more to have a company come in and create a custom system, or you can make your own with a few key pieces that you can buy inexpensively or that you may even already have around your house.

Organizing 101: Sort and Contain

Getting serious about getting organized? Then youíll need to know the basics of organization to give you the tools to do the job right. There are two basic components to organizing: sorting and containing.

Space-Saving Hints

Any home can benefit from some space-saving tricks and tips. Here are some easy fixes for opening up some room in your house:

Five New Uses for a Hanging Shoe Organizer

That canvas or plastic hanging shoe rack is good for more than just storing shoes. These inexpensive organizers work in every room of the house. Once you start using them, you wonít be able to stop. Here are five new uses for your hanging shoe organizer:

More New Uses for a Hanging Shoe Organizer

That canvas or plastic hanging shoe rack is good for more than just storing shoes. These inexpensive organizers work in every room of the house. Once you start using them, you wonít be able to stop. Here are five more new uses for your hanging shoe storage:

Bed Tray Tables: Not Just for Breakfast in Bed

While bed tray tables are wonderful for a relaxing breakfast in bed, thatís not all they are good for. These versatile, compact, portable tables have many other uses, both decorative and practical.

Decorating with Breakfast Trays

Almost any time you see a magazine spread of an elegantly appointed bedroom, you will notice a breakfast tray featured prominently on the bed, dressed up and ready for someone to lie down, get comfortable, and treat themselves to a feast. Nothing seems to evoke pampering and luxury like breakfast in bed, and the tray is a big part of that. Thereís something about it that just makes us feel decadent and special.

Breakfast In Bed: The Basics

Breakfast in bed is a wonderful luxury, and doing it right makes it that much better. There are certain items that are absolutely essential to a successful breakfast in bed. They arenít usually expensive and can help elevate your morning meal into a decadent treat.

Reorganizing Your Kitchen

A well-organized kitchen makes cooking easier, allowing you to keep your cool while youíre in the kitchen. Being able to find utensils and other items quickly can lower your stress level when youíre putting together a meal for your family or dinner guests.

Get Maximum Storage From the Kitchen You Have

If you have more kitchen items than you have space, you need to make the most of what you have. Finding adequate storage can be a challenge, no matter how much you pare down your stash of gadgets. Uncovering hidden and wasted space can help you find a home for all your stuff.

Five Uses for a Kitchen Cart

A kitchen utility cart is a versatile addition to any household. Its usefulness is not limited to just the kitchen either. Here a five uses for an ordinary kitchen cart:

Clever Uses for a Microwave Cart

A typical kitchen microwave cart doesnít just belong in the kitchen, holding a microwave. In fact, many of todayís microwave ovens are installed above the stove, leaving the cart without a purpose. Here are some ideas for giving that cart new life. You can dress up the cart with paint, decorative paper, or wood stain depending on the look you want to achieve and the cartís material.

An Island for Every Kitchen

The kitchen island has become a must-have in new homes and kitchen remodels. They help direct the flow of traffic in the kitchen and gives extra work space for the cook while multiplying storage space. They are also good for laying out buffets and presenting snacks and drinks for company.

Essential Entertaining Gear

If you like to entertain, you know how crucial it is to be well equipped. Everyone has their own must-haves and canít-live-withouts, but there are a few items that can be helpful to just about anyone who welcomes guests into their home.

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