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Solid Towels

Just because solid towels are basic bathroom items doesn't mean they can't still have ultimate style. At Bedbathstore.com, we carry a variety of luxuriously soft and high-quality solid towels so our buyers can choose from a wide range of colors and fabrics. Our solid towels aren't just limited to the colors of the rainbow. We also have very unique colors in our collection including gold, burgundy, bronze, terracotta, bamboo, cream, aqua and much more. Our towels come in all sizes-- oversized, bath, hand and fingertip-- so you can enjoy a complete matching collection in your bathroom. Many of our sets include other matching bathroom accessories, so if you see something you love you can indulge in a complete set for a bathroom makeover.

A popular item in our collection is the Egyptian Cotton White Striped Six Piece Jacquard Towel Set. The towels in this set is composed of 100% Egyptian Giza cotton, which is known for its supreme softness due to being grown in the lush Nile River Valley. The pattern of the towels is the classic yet elegant Jacquard Stripe, which offers a unique and stylish touch to really give the towels a look for their own. The six piece set include two luxury bath towels measuring 27" x 52", two luxury hand towels measuring 16" x 28" and two luxury wash cloths at 13" x 13".

Our Micro-Cotton Extra Large Body Bath Sheet Towels are also extremely popular and very well-reviewed. Real Simple Magazine rated it the best towel and "the only towel you will ever buy again." The luxury towels are available in 25 different colors and even have monograms available for ultimate personalization. The towels are significantly soft, super absorbent, quick-drying and 100% natural. You can include matching micro-cotton terry tub mats, reversible mats, non-skid bath mats, Ottoman rib shower curtains and more for a matching appearance. To get a complete collection of high-quality and long-lasting towels and matching bathroom accessories, Bedbathstore.com has the widest variety to choose from of anyone else. You won't be disappointed by the supremely soft fabric, and with the low prices Bedbathstore.com offers, you can guarantee a great deal as well.
Bath Towels 101
Towels are one of the most important items in our home, but few people put much time or thought into their purchase. Once you a learn a little about these indispensable items, you’ll be able to choose bath towel sets that not only look good, but will last longer and do a better job than your current ones.

Fabric is the key to high-quality, durable bath towels. Most towels are made with cotton, which can absorb 25 times its weight in liquid. The quality of the towel will vary depending upon the type and amount of cotton used. The most luxurious towels are made from Egyptian cotton or its American cousin, pima cotton. Check labels for “100% Egyptian cotton,” “100% pima cotton” or the Supima trademark rather than “made with…” Some towel manufacturers use a cotton blend that includes Egyptian or pima cotton, but blends it will less expensive cottons. These blends will not have the softness or absorbency of the 100% versions. Towels with combed cotton will be more absorbent and resist pilling better than those without it.

There are other details that determine quality. The soft, dense towels found in upscale spas and hotels are good examples of what to look for. Tightly packed, dense loops ensure maximum absorbency. If you can see the base of the towel through the loops, it will probably disappoint you. Also look for double-turned edges with double stitching. These details will ensure that your towels don’t fray with repeated washings.

  • Choosing The Perfect Towels
    Bath towels are a part of our daily life. How much thought do you put into purchasing them? An item that gets used several times throughout the day deserves some consideration. Here are some things to think about when buying bath towel sets.

    Quality Towels get a lot of use and are washed frequently. Getting the best quality you can afford will save you money over time—a good-quality towel will last longer than a poor-quality one. Look for high-quality fabrics like Egyptian cotton, Supima cotton or bamboo.

    Weave A good towel will have a denser concentration of loops. This makes for a plusher feel and a more absorbent towel. Beware of velour-type finishes which seem soft and plush but are actually less absorbent.

    Size Consider the way you will use your towels before buying. If you like to wrap yourself up in a big towel after a shower or bath, look for oversized bath towels instead of traditional ones. If your old washcloths are sitting unused in your linen closet, skip them and use the money to buy an extra bath-sized one.

    Color Towels are an important part of your bathroom decor. When buying a new set, look for colors that will enhance the look of your bathroom.

    Cost Cost is not just about purchase price. Consider durability. Spending a bit more on a high-quality towel will cost you less in the long run because you won’t have to replace them as often.

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