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King Allergy Protective Zippered Pillow Protector
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King Allergy Protective Zippered Pillow Protector King Allergy Protective Zippered Pillow Protector

King Allergy Protective Zippered Pillow Protector

Do you suffer from allergies, or are you just interested in keeping your bed cleaner and more hygienic? The Allergy Protective Pillow Protectors are great products for people are prone to allergies or colds. Almost everybody has heard of the epidemic of bed bugs that has infested many cities in the United States. Beds (and pillows) provide excellent places for the bugs to nest and multiply. Once they invade a bed, it is nearly impossible to get rid of them. Not only that, but their waste can trigger an allergic reaction in humans. There has never been a better time to make sure all the pillows in the home are covered in a safe, hypoallergenic cover. The pillow protectors are resistant to bed bugs and protect the pillow from infestations from other pests. They are machine washable, so keeping them clean is quick and easy.

Material:65% Polyester 35%Cotton
  • Why Protect Your Mattress?
  • MATTRESS PADS are an often overlooked, yet important bedding item on your bed.
  • They serve many purposes, from protecting your mattress, keeping the sheets on the bed, and providing additional comfort and softness.
  • It is definitely a necessity, not a luxury item.
  • Uncovered mattresses can become a perfect breeding ground for dust mites which can cause allergies, asthma, eczema, and rhinitis.
  • These dust mites or Bed Bugs , which are invisible to the naked eye, live on the millions of skin cells and body fluid that humans expel every night.
  • Protect yourself as well as your mattress by covering your mattress with the Platinum Mattress Protector
  • An important feature when selecting a mattress pad is thread count
  • The higher the count, the softer and more durable the pad. Also look for the thickest pad since it will provide the most comfort and protection.
  • The size, of your mattress is important when choosing a mattress pad. Pillow Top and Extra Deep mattresses have become very popular , so it is important to know how deep your mattress is.
  • All mattress pads are machine washable and can be washed less frequently than your sheets, but more frequently than your comforter. Untitled Document
    A Protective Barrier for Good Health and Peace of Mind
    Bed Bug   Did you know that your bedding may be hosting millions of dust mites or bed bugs? If you suffer from burning eyes, a runny nose, and morning headaches you may have these tiny creatures and the allergen in their feces invading your bed. The allergen thrives in warm moist environments such as mattresses and pillows and causes allergic reactions when inhaled. Suffer no longer and use one of our protective polymer fabric covers.
    The average bed may be home to over 2 million dust mites!

    It's a fact of life.
    Microscopic dust mites are most at home in your pillow and mattress. The bed environment provides them with the warmth, humidity, and food (our dead skin flakes) they need to live and reproduce.

    Dust Mites are known to cause:

      -Chronic sinusitis
      -Allergic eczema
      -Asthma attacks
      -Sinus pressure and congestion
    Our Pillow & Mattress Protectors are "dust mite and fecal pellet proof," moisture breathable for hygiene, yet absolutely impenetrable by the nasty mites and their fecal allergen. Mattress Protectors are available in 2 depths - protectors fit mattresses 9" & 15" deep

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    King Allergy Protective Zippered Pillow Protector
    King Allergy Protective Zippered Pillow Protector
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