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Curtain Measuring Guide

measuring tips

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(If you print the measuring directions you can use them as a worksheet).

  • Measure every window.
  • If you are covering more than one window, be sure to measure each window.
  • Windows that may seem the same size, frequently are not.
  • Do not assume measurements for one window will be similar for another one.
  • Use a metal measuring tape.
  • Flexible cloth tapes are not as accurate, as they may stretch and are more difficult to hold straight.
  • Follow directions carefully.
  • Be precise, rounding measurements to the nearest one-eighth (1/8) of an inch.
  • Record measurements clearly. Make sure you can read them later.
  • Label each measurement.
  • Indicate which window the measurements are for, and which is the width, which is the length, etc. It's common to mistake one measurement for another. If you write it down, you'll avoid making that mistake.

(x)Print These Instructions(x)