How To Outfit A Bathroom

So you have a bathroom in your house; probably more than one. While most people pay at least some attention to decorating the rest of their living space, the bath and shower are most often neglected. What can you do with it to make this room feel less like an afterthought and more like a part of your home?

Less Is More In Bathroom D_cor

Bathrooms are scaling down these days, as much for economic reasons as for ecological ones. In place of the big, splashy bathroom, simply decorated and outfitted bath spaces are the trend.

Choosing The Right Towel For The Job

When outfitting your bathroom, the sheer number of towel options available can be overwhelming. You have to consider fabric, weave and size. We can’t help you pick a color scheme, but we can give you some guidance about other aspects of towel design.

Making Your Bathroom More Comfortable

Bathrooms can be cold and rather sterile places, but they don’t have to be. There are things you can do to add a sense of warmth and comfort to the bath, transforming it into one of the coziest spots in the house.

Add A Modern Touch To Your Bath

Modern design is sleek and shiny. It eschews the ornate flourishes found in other decorating styles like Victorian and Gothic. The defining features of modern design include clean, straight lines, stainless steel, chrome and other metals, lack of clutter and primary colors. Think minimal.

Natural Materials In The Bathroom

Nature inspires all forms of décor: floral and botanical patterns in traditional settings, sleek woods in modern ones and cotton and linen in all of them. The bath and shower are no different. No matter what your budget or taste, you can bring natural materials into your bathroom décor.

Outfitting Your Bath And Shower

When you’re faced with a completely empty bathroom, getting it properly decked out may seem a bit overwhelming. With a few tips you can get your bath and shower properly outfitted in no time.

Customize Your Bathrooms

Not every bathroom in your home is alike. The master bath gets used in one way, the children’s bath in another and the guest bath in another still. Because they all have different uses, they all have different needs. Customizing the accessories in each bathroom saves money and can make your life easier.

Questions To Ask Before Buying A Bath Rug

Bath rugs are often the finishing touch in bathroom decor. You may give a lot of thought to how your rug will look in your room, but there are other things you should consider before buying this bathroom essential.

Bath Pillows 101

Bath pillows are a bathroom essential for those who like to slip into a relaxing tub on a regular basis. A good bath pillow increases your relaxation by offering a soft place to lay your head in an otherwise hard tub. They support your head and neck so you can enjoy your bath without feeling strained. As a bonus, they can spa style to your bath décor.

Customizing Your Shower Curtain

Your bathroom shower curtain can set the tone for your entire space. There are a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns out there, so there should be something for everyone. But if you are on a budget or simply can’t find exactly what you want, you can embellish your existing curtain or a plain bathroom shower curtain to create a custom look.

Organizing Your Bathroom

Because it’s often the busiest room in the house, the bathroom can become cluttered, messy, and generally disorganized. Getting it into shape and keeping it that way can be a challenge, but there are some tips and tricks that will help you get a handle on the chaos.

Outfitting Your Bathroom: The Basics

Whether you are remodeling your entire bath or just looking to spruce things up, bath hardware is key in defining the look and feel of a bathroom. But with the sheer number of choices in styles and finishes, putting a bath ensemble together can seem overwhelming. Paring down your choices can help make your job easier; consider just a few must-have items and add one or two “wish-list” pieces.

Bath Fixtures: A Primer

Bath fixtures are both the workhorses and the jewelry of the bathroom, providing function and beauty. Knowing more about each type can help when it’s time to select new fixtures for your bathroom.

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