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Electric Heated Blankets

Do you want to maintain a constant temperature when you sleep? Is your bed cold and chilly? Trying to get warm in a hurry?? Then the answer is an electric warming blanket. View our our selection of Electric Heated Blankets!

There are no over-sized wires and and the are accompanied by state of the art and simple to use remote controls. Micro Fleece Electric Blankets are an innovative product that every person can use!
Before you buy an electric blanket, itís a good idea to understand how they actually work. Care and safety instructions can make more sense when you know the mechanics involved.

In general, electric blankets and headed throws get their warmth from insulated wires or heating elements that are embedded in a zig-zag pattern within the fabric, which is specially woven to accommodate them. The pattern is necessary to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the blanket. The wires or element are attached to a temperature control unit, which is plugged into the wall.

The wires used in some electric blankets are made from carbon fiber, which makes them thinner and less noticeable inside. These wires are the same kind that are used in heated car seats and use infrared technology to produce heat.

The heated bedding available today runs on a 24-volt system. A low voltage electric blanket has a device that converts the electricity coming from your outlet, which is 120 volts, to 24 volts. Low voltage systems are considered safer overall because they greatly reduce the risk of fire due to a crimped or broken wire. Most modern blankets use a shut off mechanism that keeps them from being on too long, which protects against overheating and fire.

Many electric blankets feature variable temperature controls so that users can adjust the warmth to their individual liking. Others have mechanisms that can regulate heat based on body temperature, which creates a more comfortable experience.
Electric Blanket Safety Tips
Electric blankets help keep you nice and warm when temperatures fall below freezing, but like any electric appliance, there are some things you need to remember in order to keep you and your home safe.

Any electric blanket you buy should be listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or another nationally recognized testing agency. This will ensure that the blanketís design and electrical components are generally safe.

If your blanket is over 10 years old, itís time for a new one. An old, worn blanket is more likely to cause a fire. You should also replace them if they are torn, the electrical cord is frayed, or if the temperature control has been damaged. Periodically check the heating wires by holding the blanket up to the light to be sure the wires are not touching. If they are, itís time for a new one.

Follow the manufacturerís instructions for cleaning your electric blanket. Certain cleaning processes can damage the heating coils, which makes your blanket unsafe.

Never use an electric blanket when itís wet, and never attempt to dry one by turning it on. The moisture can short out the electrical system inside.

Heated blankets should not be used overnight unless they are specifically made to be used that way. Many blankets feature an automatic shut off after a certain amount of time as an added safety measure.

Do not put anything on top of the blanket or sit on it. Doing so can cause dangerous overheating.

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