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Down comforters are a wonderful indulgence, offering luxury like nothing else. A down comforter will allow you to melt into the plush goose down feathers, ensuring you are very relaxed for a good night’s sleep.

There are some things to know about a down comforter in comparison to a regular comforter. You will not be given the same choices in colors and designs, so if you are looking for color, you’ll have to give up the comfort, but you always have the option to add a duvet cover from Bedbathstore in a perfectly matching color or style. In any case, the down comforter offers a plush, quilted look to the top of your bed that will have you sleeping deeper than you ever have before. Down comforters are filled with different down including that of Siberian, Polish, Hungarian, and even synthetic down for those who suffer from allergies.

You’ll need to select the comforter based upon the size of your bed. Making sure that you have the right size will make all the difference across your bed. You’ll know that you have the right comforter when it covers the entire area of the bed, as well as the sides of the mattress. Anything past that and you may have the wrong size.

Not all down comforters follow the exact same dimensions, so it’s important to look at each one before you purchase it. On bedbathstore.com you’ll be able to find a variety of sizes including oversized Queen, King, and California King down comforters from different brands like Burlington, Daniadown, Downright and many others. Some of these comforters can be difficult to find in other places.

Choosing the weight of your down comforter is very important. If you use one all year-round, you’ll need a lighter weight down comforter than one specifically for the winter months. You’ll need to look at the fill power or density of down inside the down comforter. The higher the fill power, the warmer your down comforter will be. A lightweight or summer weight down comforter will have around 500 or 550 fill whereas one for winter will be around 700 or more.

In order to get the most out of your down comforter, the down comforters are temperature rated. You will choose Level 1 if you sleep in a moderately warm room of 64 to 75 degrees. If you are in a cooler room, you’ll choose Level 3, where the temperatures are between 54 to 65. Finally, if you sleep in a cold room where the temperatures are 43 to 54 degrees, you would choose Level 3. Choosing the right level will ensure that you’ve got the softest down comforter that you can get.

Choosing the right down comforter will ensure that you get the best night’s sleep for the room and bed that you are in. Bedding is an important purchase, so you should get your money’s worth. WHICH DOWN COMFORTER IS RIGHT FOR YOU

Down comforters vary in warmth, so there are several factors you need to keep in mind when shopping. The warmth level you need is determined by your personal sleep profile, average room temperature and time of year the comforter will be used.

  • Your Sleep Profile
    Are you frequently cold at night? Are you constantly kicking the covers off because you’re too hot? Or do you find it relatively easy to get comfortable? Taking your “sleep temperature” will help you choose bedding that will help you get a good night’s sleep. “Cold sleepers” will require a warmer comforter than “hot sleepers.”

  • Average Room Temperature
    How cold or warm to you prefer to keep your bedroom at night? Cooler temperatures will require a warmer comforter, especially if you get cold at night.

  • Time Of Year
    A comforter used year-round will need to be lighter than one used exclusively in the winter months. Once you have an idea of the level of warmth you need, you can begin to look at fill power, which measures the density of down in the comforter and ultimately, the warmth. The higher the fill power, the warmer the comforter. A good, light warmth comforter has a fill between 500 and 550, while a medium warmth one will run between 600-650. Seven hundred or more is a good winter weight fill. The quality of the down comforter will also determine the warmth.


    Once you’ve invested in a down comforter, it’s important to take care of it so that it lasts for years to come. Keeping the comforter clean by properly covering it with a duvet cover is only part of what you can do. You also have to wash them once in a while.

    Most down manufacturers recommend that their comforters be laundered with a cleaning solution that is made specifically for cleaning down. The suggested intervals between cleanings will vary widely. The theory is that too-frequent washing will damage the down and that laundering can shrink your comforter somewhat. Once every year or so is probably a good idea if you’ve protected it with a cover.

    To launder a comforter, check first to make sure there are no holes or tears. If there are, fix them. Next, spot clean the cover if necessary. Wash on the delicate setting and be sure it gets rinsed well. Use the extra rinse setting on your machine or just send it through the rinse cycle a second time.

    To dry your comforter, make sure a good portion of the water has been extracted by the spin cycle (or you can do it by hand). Dry it on the lowest heat setting to avoid burning the cover. You can add a couple of tennis balls stuck inside a plain white sock to help fluff and redistribute the down as it dries. You’ll need to remove the comforter several times during the drying process to make sure it dries evenly.

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