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Metric Conversion

Designed during the French Revolution and officially adopted in France in 1799, most of the world also uses the metric system—and has for many years. Vivre la système métrique!

Well, don't pop the champagne yet. For in our United States, it's still inches, miles, and pounds, rather than centimeters, kilometers, and kilograms. So, here's some conversion assistance.
1 centimeter (cm) = .394 inches ("))
To convert centimeters to inches,
multiply the number of centimeters by .394 to get total inches.


1 inch (") = 2.54 centimeters (cm)
To convert inches to centimeters,
multiply the number of inches by 2.54 to get total centimeters.

Convert Ready-Made Drapery Sizes to Inches or Centimeter

Inches   Centimeters
width x length   width x length
50" x 45"   127cm x 114cm
50" x 54"   127cm x 137cm
50" x 63"   127cm x 160cm
50" x 84"   127cm x 213cm
50" x 95"   127cm x 241cm
75" x 45"   191cm x 114cm
75" x 54"   191cm x 137cm
75" x 63"   191cm x 160cm
75" x 84"   191cm x 213cm
75" x 95"   191cm x 241cm
100" x 45"   254cm x 114cm
100" x 54"   254cm x 137cm
100" x 63"   254cm x 160cm
100" x 84"   254cm x 213cm
100" x 95"   254cm x 241cm
125" x 84"   318cm x 213cm
125" x 95"   318cm x 241cm
150" x 84"   381cm x 213cm
150" x 95"   381cm x 241cm
80" x 108"   203cm x 274cm
51" x 120"   130cm x