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After you have selected your window treatments, there is often still one problem -- what should be used to hang the curtains properly? There are many curtain rods manufactured, from strictly utilitarian to highly decorative. Bedbathstore.com carries both varieties of curtain rods, along with many other options. Their selection includes a curtain rod perfect for nearly every kind of curtain hung in any kind of window.

With over 42 styles of curtain rods, Bedbathstore.com has a number of selections that are both beautiful and pratical. The decorative curtain rods are standard rods with flourishes at the ends. Some of the designs of the flourishes are: key shapes, bell shapes, and fluted end. The rods are avilable in a number of finishes such as black, gold, and silver, made by a number of manufacturers inlcuding Versailles, Kirsch, Achima, and Source Global. Bedbathstore.com also has a number of handsome wooden curtain rods.

For customers who just want a curtain rod to hang curtains without a lot of flourish, there are conventional adjustable curtain rods. These curtain rods can hang any number of curtain layers -- single, double, and even triple models are available. For hard to fit windows, Bedbathstore.com also has curtain extenders which can be paired with adjustable rods so that a window treatment is hung perfectly.

Tension rods are also a way to hang curtains easily in any number of windows. The rods made by Umbra come in four sizes (15"-24," 24"-36," 36"-54," or 54"-90") and come in either brass, pewter, black or white. Using Spin Rings, these curtain rods can be put up quickly and can be hung without using any hardware. They can also be used in other areas where privacy is desired, like between a bedroom and a dressing room or closet.

Umbra's swing arm rods are a unique design which allows for more movement of the curtains. Using the swinging arms improves both air circulation and lets more sunlight in than regular rods. Best used with lightweight curtains, the arms include all hardware needed to mount them.

Bedbathstore.com also has curtain rods designed to fit uniquely sized windows, such as bay windows. They also have traverse curtain rods, by makers such as Kirsch. There are even traverse rods that are designed to be used for both exteriors and interiors.

For curtains or windows that are plain and could use some livening up, there are a number of decorative options and accessories. Tassel tiebacks are available in a number of colors and designs, ensuring that they will fit into any wall treatment's color scheme. For especially elegant curtains, Bedbathstore.com has wrought iron decorative curtain rods.

Of course, Bedbathstore.com has all the accessories that are needed to hang windows. Whether you need drapery pins, curtain rings, or ring slides, they are all available.

  • Hanging A Curtain Rod
    Decorating your windows with curtain panels is an easy and economical way to add some style to your room. There are many looks to choose from and many creative ways to use curtain panels. What any curtain needs, though, is a rod, which youíll have to put up. Hanging a curtain rod isnít difficult at all. The following method words for both single and double curtain rods.

  • Measure
    Measure the width of the window youíll be dressing. The rod should measure about five inches more than the window.

    Next youíll have to measure out from the window both ways to determine where your brackets will go. The standard is two inches, but if you intend to create a certain look by hanging your curtains higher (making the window look taller) or wider (to make the window appear wider), then youíll need to measure out farther to create that look. Mark the correct spots for the brackets. Check those spots for level before proceeding.

  • Drill
    Drill a small pilot hole on the marks you made for the brackets. You should never drive a screw into drywall without making a pilot hole first. If necessary, drill the hole larger to accommodate a drywall anchor. Anchors are required if there is no stud to screw the screws into. Youíll more than likely need them. Once the anchor is in place, screw in the bracket.

    After youíve placed the brackets, slide your rod, with the curtains on it, into the brackets. Thatís all it takes.

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