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Bidet Toilet Seats

To maintain complete hygiene in the bathroom, a bidet is a very useful item that can enhance the look of the bathroom without taking up too much space. The bidets available at Bedbathstore.com come with a variety of luxury features such as heated seats, deodorizing technology and specialized sizing for ultimate comfort and cleanliness in the bathroom. Bidets allow you to feel as clean as possible while doing most of the work for you for a convenient experience. The bidets in our online store are all compact, discreet and come complete with a lid so your guests never have to know you're going the extra mile to stay clean.

One of the best-selling items in the bidet collection is the COCO Bidet Heated Multi-Functional Toilet Seat. The seat features advanced technology in order to achieve the highest standards of personal hygiene. The bidet includes two separate nozzles for double the cleaning power and also includes an aerated gentle wash for a less invasive, but still effective cleaning method. The ultra soldering waterproof seat ensures that the seat will remain in its high-quality state despite regular use. The intelligent occupied seat sensor uses modern technology to detect when someone is using the bidet. The convenient remote control is one of the most appealing features of the bidet because it allows one to control the bidet without even touching it.

Another popular bidet choice in the collection is the Breeza Warm Elongated or Round Deodorized Temperature-Adjusted Toilet Seat. This bidet includes many exciting features such as odor elimination, aromatherapy, and a one-touch, temperature-adjusted heated seat. The deodorizing system traps and neutralizes odors while also producing pleasant fragrances. This luxury item will make you feel like you're at the spa and can provide ultimate cleanliness and comfort. For a luxurious bidet, Bedbathstore.com has everything you need to feel as comfortable and clean as possible. With the heated seat and aromatherapy features of the bidets in our collection, you're sure to find everything you could want in a bidet at Bedbathstore.com.

  • What Is A Bidet Seat?
    bidet (pronounced bid-day) is a small, low sink situated next to the toilet that is used for personal cleansing—in addition to toilet paper—after going to the bathroom. They are not typical in the United States, but are primarily used in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, although there are some private homes in the U.S. that have them.

    Because bathroom space is limited, bidets are not practical in most U.S. homes. This is where the bidet toilet seat comes in. A bidet seat replaces the traditional toilet seat and features a water supply for cleansing and often air for drying. The seat is a very efficient way to get the benefits of a bidet without taking up precious space.

    Why use a bidet seat? In other countries, the bidet is considered superior to plain toilet paper as a method of cleansing after using the toilet. It can be helpful for people with certain conditions like hemorrhoids, and for women for cleansing during pregnancy or their menstrual period. Medical experts say they clean better than toilet paper and help prevent urinary tract infections and other ailments.

    How does it work? A bidet seat provides a stream of warmed water to clean after using the toilet. But they can offer more than just cleansing. Bidet seats also have air dryers. Many feature heated seats and are operated by remote control. They can add a little luxury to your day, every day. They are easy to operate and easy to install.

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