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Bed Skirts/Dust Ruffles

Do you want your bedroom to look complete? Do you want to keep dust from gathering under your bed and also be able to hide those few special items you have stored there? Then you won’t want forget an essential piece of your bedding ensemble. The bedskirt or bed ruffle is a must for any bedroom.

This essential creative piece assures you a complete and finished look when it comes to piecing together a wonderful bedroom ensemble. The addition of a bedskirt, which is often referred to as a dust or bed ruffle, is not only helpful, it has made bedrooms more luxurious and warm for decades.

There are so many wonderful styles and patterns to choose from. Throughout American history this wonderful accessory was usually ruffled and graced beds whether small or large. In times past, bedskirts were most often a beige or a white solid. But today, times have changed and your choices are endless. A bedskirt or dust ruffle can help give a room a distinct feel or theme. Whether you choose a more modern bed skirt, that is fitted at the corners and has been designed with a clean, sharp look, or a more ruffled fluffy look your room will feel richer and cleaner. Different patterns, styles and colors can add color, style, and warmth to any ensemble.This wonderful piece of bedding is usually a solid, eyelet, or crocheted fabric that is attached to a platform and fits perfectly on top of your box spring.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect bedskirt tor bed ruffle. It is important when choosing a bedskirt or bed ruffle that you know the size of your mattress. The four sizes are fairly standard. They may be a twin, full, queen or king or California king. The bedskirt may have a depth of 14in, 18in or 21in in drops. 

The next vital piece of information is knowing the distance from the bottom of your mattress to about one half inch off the floor. Knowing this information will make finding your favorite bedroom addition much simpler.  You may also choose an elastic bedskirt that also comes in all sizes.  This handy detachable bedskirt is attached to Velcro and is simple to remove and install without the hassle of removing the mattress. Take advantage of finding the perfect bedskirt or bed ruffle for your bedroom ensemble. Your bedskirt should compliment and work well with your bed covering. Whether you want a comforter or long bedspread that falls to the ground this will help you when deciding and choosing the right pattern for your bedskirt. We also provide many styles that have matching pillow shams. Take your time to find the perfect pattern, style, and color of bedskirt or bed ruffle. Whether you choose cotton, hemstitch, crochet, eyelet or even Egyptian cotton there is a perfect fabric for your desire.  Finding the right ensemble has become easier than ever. Thanks to the computer you can easily have access to a wide world of bedskirts and bedding.
Bed Skirt Basics
If you have a traditional mattress/box spring/bed frame setup, you need a bed skirt (also known as a dust ruffle). Not only do they hide your box spring, bed skirts create hidden underbed storage and offer an opportunity to add some color and texture to your bedroom décor. A bed skirt adds a finished, professional touch to your room.

Bed skirts come in several forms. They can be tailored, with pleats or panels that lay flat against the bed. Or they can be ruffled, adding some fullness and feminine energy. They can even have several layers of coordinating fabric, which gives a very luxe, opulent look.

These essential but sometimes overlooked pieces of bedding come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures, so you can find the right one for your individual style. Traditional fabrics include eyelet, lace and matelasse, while contemporary bed skirts can be made from materials like linen, faux suede and velvet. The heavier the fabric, the longer it will hold its shape between cleanings.

When shopping for a bed skirt, measure your box spring or foundation first. Mattresses and box springs can vary in size, so be sure you know the size before you buy. You should also measure the distance from the top of the box spring to the floor. This is known as the drop. The standard drop on a bed skirt is about 15”, but sizes vary. Measuring beforehand ensures that you get a bed skirt that fits perfectly.The bed skirt, also called a dust ruffle, is meant to do two things: Cover your box spring and add a little style to your bed. Bed skirts come in various styles, patterns and colors. Finding the right one for your room can make a difference in your bedroom decor. Here are some guidelines for choosing a bed skirt.

  • It Should Fit Your Bed
    Make sure you buy the right size dust ruffle for your mattress. Bed skirts are available in the same sizes as beds: twin, XL twin, double, queen, king and California king. Double check the measurements of your bed before buying.

  • It Should Fit Your Decor
    A lacy, ruffled bed skirt will not work in a sleek, modern bedroom, no matter how much you love it. The style of the bed skirt should match the style of the bedroom. Choose a color the will work with your bedding. Don’t be afraid of a pattern, but make sure it won’t clash with your comforter.

  • It Should Make A Statement
    You don’t have to settle for a boring bed skirt. If you like a plain white one, that’s fine, but don’t limit yourself if you love color and pattern; you can make it work. Try using two coordinating bed skirts at the same time: one under the mattress and the other over the mattress (but under the sheets) to create a fabulous layered look. The skirts don’t have to match—try a pattern over a solid or a print over a stripe.

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